About Us

Doner Deli Story


Our founders Hazem Elgendy and Mustafa Alrefaie just love Doner and travelling. And after several trips to Turkey, Greece, Lebanon and Germany, they simply came up with their own Doner recipe, turning the finest ingredients and most innovative preparation methods into delicious wholesome street food.

With an unstoppable creative drive to bring cultures and tastes together, Hazem and Mustafa created a unique formula based on a German recipe that blends the richest flavours, including our famous German pita bread.

Apart from locally grown vegetables, we use the freshest cuts of veal and chicken from selected artisan farms in Europe to make our authentic German Doner Kebab – of course, with a 100% halal guarantee.

Doner Kebab History

The Turkish Döner meat was introduced to Germany at the beginning of the 1970s. But that’s not the whole story. It was Kadir Nurman, a Turkish immigrant, who invented the traditional German Doner kebab, as we know it today.

Kadir was the owner of a restaurant near the Zoologischer Garten train station, a main transport hub in West Berlin. He was the first to notice how workers craved something solid to eat on the go. Consequently, he wrapped his döner meat in super delicious German pita bread to make it portable. An ingenious move that changed our world forever. Thank you, Kadir, for being a true game changer

For the of Doner!