• Doner Deli Launches online ordering service

    For all Doner Deli & German Doner Kebab lovers, we are offering you an amazing service. Now, you don’t have to go to Doner Deli restaurant to have the best German Doner Kebab in UAE. You can sit at home an order Doner Deli online with our online ordering service.

    We have adopted a simple ordering system for the convenience of our customers. You will not have to ask what is available. You can view our extensive German Doner Kebab 

    You can enjoy our online ordering service whether you’re in Dubai, Abu Dhabi or Fujairah, you will only have to select the city where you want to deliver the food and enter your address. You order will be placed instantly if you choose order now. You can even order it for later and you will get it delivered on time.

    Now Order Doner Deli online

    You can pay through cash when the order arrives Or pay for your order with credit card or debit card if you don’t have cash with you.

    Enjoy Doner Deli around UAE with branches in Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Fujairah. We are planning to expand our business by opening more branches all around GCC. So, order Doner Deli online today and enjoy the fresh and hot food.

    You don't have to go to Doner Deli restaurant to have the best German Doner Kebab in UAE. You can order Doner Deli online with our online ordering service.

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  • Doner Deli caters to community events

    An elegant and affordable German Doner Kebab options for community events and family celebrations

    In keeping with its ethos of offering tasty, street food fast, Doner Deli, the home-grown authentic German Doner Kebab outlet in the UAE, recently supported two new Dubai-based, home-grown businesses, Shoeq and Omasi at their blogger showcase. Hosted recently at Beauty Connection Spa, Doner Deli offered a quick and delicious Doner Kebab catering options for the event with a bite-sized portion of its Classic Doner Kebab Sandwich, Classic Durum Sandwich (non-vegetarian options), Pomegranate Doner Kebab salad & Veggie Delight Sandwich bites (vegetarian options) and Brownie Bites.


    Doner Deli catering doner kebab


    Mustafa Alrefaie, co-founder of Doner Deli, “We are proud of our team that put together the refreshment packs for this event at short notice. As a homegrown business ourselves, we understand the need for balancing good taste with the economy. We can offer the same options to anyone with a local celebration or a small intimate event of more than 10 persons.”

    Doner Deli’s core business is takeaways and deliveries. The company has outlets across Dubai, that can cater to the needs of local community events, offering easy bites of German Doner Kebab for a family celebration or a community event, creating a menu that suits varying palates and budgets.

    For a party of at least 10 persons, we would be happy to support your event including a choice of Durums, Doner Kebab sandwiches, salads, side orders, dessert, drinks starting at AED 35 per head. Our chef could come and set these up for you at a venue of your choice.

    Check out Doner Deli’s menu and locations and let us know what you are celebrating next?! 

    Doner Deli, the home-grown authentic German Doner Kebab recently supported two new Dubai-based, home-grown businesses at their blogger showcase.

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  • Doner Deli launches Lunch Express

    Lunch Express; A fast lunch option for people on-the-go available for dine-in, takeaway or delivery

    In keeping with its ethos of offering tasty, street food fast, Doner Deli, the authentic home-grown German Doner Kebab outlet in the UAE, has introduced Lunch Express for the people on-the-go looking for a faster lunch option. Lunch Express, offered from 11am to 3pm, will comprise of the customer’s choice of Pita or Durum Doner Kebab sandwich, French Fries and Soft Drink at an affordable AED 29 with options for free add-ons of either Feta Cheese or Jalapeno.

    lunch express


    “Keeping up with the fast-paced life in the UAE, we need to make sure that we offer a balanced German Doner Kebab meal that has the right amount of carbs and protein to give that middle-of-the-day boost of much-needed fuel for our customers,” said Mustafa Alrefaie, co-founder of Doner Deli. “We worked with our outlets to understand what our customers like and what would balance their needs and budgets.”


    The new addition to the menu will complement the wide range of choices that the new menu (launched in December 2016) offers including healthy salad options, vegetarian options and decadent dessert options.


    About Doner Deli:

    Doner Deli was set up by Hazem Elgendy and Mustafa Alrefaie as part of Masy Global Trading Enterprises so they could share their love of German Doner Kebab with the rest of the UAE (and soon the rest of the world).

    Doner Deli is available for dine-in in their six outlets across the Northern United Arab of Emirates, or through takeaway and delivery via their central booking on 800MYDONER (6936637).


    About Masy Group of Companies

    The MASY Group of companies consists of 9 subsidiaries that operate in the trading, food, travel, building contracting, fruit and vegetable trading and investment in commercial enterprises and management with presence in UAE, Greece, Egypt, Holland and Sweden. The company is well respected in the ecosystem it operates in – these include customers, partners, suppliers and competitors. The group aims to provide unparalleled quality of service and value through ways of innovative approach.

    The Masy Group is driven by the visionary leadership of Hazem Elgendy, powered by its team of highly skilled and experienced staff that constantly strive to take respective industries to the next highest level of excellence.

    Doner Deli, the authentic German Doner Kebab outlet in the UAE, has introduced Lunch Express for the people on-the-go looking for a faster lunch option.

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  • Difference between Doner Kebab, Gyros and Shawarma

    What’s the difference between Doner Kebab, Gyros and Shawarma?  

    At a first glance, the Doner Kebab, Gyros and Shawarma look like the same thing. The meat is shaved from a vertical rotisserie, wrapped in bread, and topped with veggies. But despite the fact that these meat snacks seem so similar, they are quite different, especially in terms of meat, herbs, bread, toppings, and sauces.

    Historically, the doner kebab can be considered the ancestor of the gyros and shawarma. Shaved from a large meat cone that slowly turns and roasts all day, this meat was very popular in the Ottoman Empire (also Turkish Empire, 1299 – 1923). Before gaining independence in 1832, Greece was part of this empire – just as various parts of the Arab world. And, eventually, the doner kebab meat made its way to the greek cuisine as the “gyros” – the Greek word for “turn”.

    Likewise, the doner kebab meat spread throughout the Middle East where it was named “Shawarma”, an Arabic word for “turning”. Over time, all of these meat dishes developed according to their cultural environment and the people around. Today, they are quite distinctive street food items. But apart from their history, what exactly is the difference between the doner kebab, gyros and shawarma? Here comes a quick overview to answer that question:


    Doner Kebab

    Origin: Turkey

    Origin of today’s popular version: Germany

    Backstory: At the beginning of the 1970s, the Turkish doner was introduced to Germany where it was slightly modified. It was Kadir Nurman, a Turkish immigrant, who invented the German döner kebab, as we know it today.

    Kadir was the owner of a restaurant near the Zoologischer Garten train station, a main transport hub in West Berlin. He was the first to notice how workers craved something savory to eat on the go. Consequently, he wrapped his döner meat in German pita bread to make it portable. He added some toppings and created various sauces. And that’s how the German döner kebab was born.

    Meat: Veal or chicken

    Bread: Pita bread

    Toppings: White onions, iceberg lettuce, red cabbage and tomatoes. Some restaurants offer feta cheese, jalapeño, pickles and/or ezme as well.

    Sauce: Garlic mayo, spicy ketchup, mayo herbs, or tzatziki sauce.

    Do you know that Doner Deli is the only in UAE that serves veal doner kebab?

    view doner  deli menu


    Origin: Greece

    Meat: Usually a combination of lamb and beef. The meat is seasoned with a variety of rather typical Mediterranean herbs, such as oregano, majoram, thyme and rosemary.

    Bread: Pita bread

    Toppings: Tomatoes, onions, and red cabbage

    Sauce: Tzatziki sauce (a cold sauce made of yogurt, cucumbers, garlic, salt, olive oil, and other ingredients depending on the recipe) with a little hot sauce.



    Origin: Middle East

    Meat: Lamb, beef or chicken. The meat is usually marinated for as long as a day in a variety of seasonings and spices, like cloves, bay leaves, turmeric, cinnamon, dried lime, vinegar, coriander seed, and cardamom.

    Bread: Flat bread or pita bread

    Toppings: Tabbouleh, fattoush, cucumber, fries, and hummus

    Sauce: Tahini sauce (sesame based sauce)


    At a first glance, the Doner Kebab, Gyros and Shawarma look like the same, however, they are quite different especially in terms of meat, bread & sauces.

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  • Doner Deli New Menu satisfies all tastes

    Delicious new Doner Kebab Bites with a Twist

    Doner Deli, one of the country’s leading providers of wholesome German Doner Kebab, has launched a new menu with a great variety of delicious bites with a twist.

    Once again, the team behind Doner Deli shows that wholesome German street food is much more than just a label or classification. It’s a passion that starts with sourcing the right ingredients, which are all natural, ranging from 100% premium halal meat and authentic German pita bread, to locally produced vegetables, making each dish a feast of flavours.

    Alongside Doner Deli’s bestseller, the classic doner kebab sandwich, and its wrap version, the classic durum, the menu offers various vegetarian alternatives, while meat lovers will get their extra share of juicy meat shavings with the brand’s “Monster” dishes. Moreover, cheese lovers will find special feta cheese editions, and those who like it hot can enjoy the spicy options with jalapeños.

    Doner Deli New Menu Monster Doner Kebab Durum

    On top of that, customers are invited to choose from a range of “Deli Specials”, for example “Doner over Rice”, “Kapsalon”, which combines a little bit of everything, and the “Slider Trio” with veal doner, chicken doner and falafel. In addition, the menu offers several tasty doner salads and side dishes, such as the traditional German potato salad, as well as light snacks and meals for children.


    Doner Deli new menu - Doner with yellow herb rice

    Last but not least, Doner Deli has added a new selection of different luscious desserts and refreshing milk shakes to the menu, including the “Mango Strawberry Fusion”, as well as the popular Oreo and classic strawberry shake, turning every Doner Deli meal into a versatile taste experience for all ages.

    Doner Deli new menu oreo shake


    Commenting on Doner Deli new menu, Mustafa Alrefaie, General manager of Doner Deli, said: “Today’s street food scene is dynamic, innovative and very flexible. And we want to reflect this in our menu, which constantly adapts to the wants and needs of our valuable customers. Our mission is not only to produce high quality, fresh, and delicious food but also to offer unforgettable culinary experiences for all tastes. Whether you are a meat lover or vegetarian, whether you like spicy food or have a sweet tooth, Doner Deli has it all. “

    To check Doner Deli new menu: Click here


    Doner Deli new menu satisfies all tastes serving new flavours of german doner kebab, starting from Doner Kebab Sandwich, Durum to rice with Doner Kebab

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  • Doner Deli wins "Best UAE Food Brand" award

    MENA Franchise Awards for Excellence in Franchising “Best UAE Food Brand” 2016

    Dubai/UAE – October 2016: Doner Deli, one of the country’s leading providers of wholesome German Doner Kebab, has been recognized by the Middle East & North Africa Franchise Association (MENAFA) with the “Best UAE Food Brand” award 2016. The awards ceremony, which was held under the patronage of His Highness Prince Bandar bin Saud bin Khalid Al-Saud, Honorary Chairman of MENAFA, took place on 25 October on the sidelines of the association’s annual exhibition at the Jumeirah Beach Hotel Convention Centre in Dubai.

    The MENAFA awards were presented by His Excellency Abdulrahim Hassan Naqi, Secretary General of the Federation of GCC Chambers (FGCCC), Mr. Atiq Juma Nasib, Senior Vice President, Dubai Chamber of Commerce & Industry, and Dr. Khalid AlSharfa, Chairman of MENAFA. Most prestigious national, regional, and international food & beverage brands (previous winners include McDonald’s, Domino’s Pizza and Shakespeare & Co) competed in twelve categories against each other. This year, the jury awarded Doner Deli in the category “Best UAE Food Brand”, recognizing the company’s exceptional performance in branding and food franchising.



    Commenting on the award, Mustafa Alrefaie, co-founder and general manager of awarded Doner Deli, said: “We feel very honored to have been recognized with such a distinguished award. It confirms our hard work in establishing the Doner Deli franchise as a future-oriented business model that offers franchisees a comprehensive starter program and highly effective support structures. At Doner Deli, we believe in teamwork. And this shows in everything we do in order to deliver high quality products and first-class service offerings.”

    Interested in Becoming a Doner Deli Franchisee? Check out our comprehensive FAQs

    Doner Deli has been recognized by the Middle East & North Africa Franchise Association (MENAFA) with the Best UAE Food Brand award 2016.

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  • Doner Deli runs raffle for "Fiesta De Los Muertos Dubai" tickets

    Fiesta De Los Muertos; Halloween festival with top line up on 28 October in Dubai

    Doner Deli, one of the country’s leading providers of wholesome German Doner Kebab, will participate in Dubai’s brand new annual Halloween festival “Fiesta De Los Muertos”, taking place on 28 October at the Autism Rocks Arena @ Dubai Outlet Mall, Al Ain – Dubai Road. But ahead of the event, Doner Deli invites all street food lovers to enter the raffle, giving every customer the chance to win two entry tickets to Dubai Fiesta De Los Muertos.


    Fiesta De Los Muertos Dubai

    Fiesta De Los Muertos Festival organizer 117live has put together a top line up to throw the ultimate “killer party” for families and Halloween fans of all ages. The performing acts include reggae-dancehall super star Major Lazer, the recently reunited girl group All Saints, the local DJ set Hollaphonic, the Moldovan-Romanian musical project Carla’s Dream, the newly formed pop group DNCE, and The Mariachis, who will present groovy chart classics with a Mexican twist.

    Any Doner Deli customer can take part in the raffle by simply placing an order via the company’s dedicated call centre for home delivery (800MYDONER) or at one of the various outlets for take away or dine-in. The order, which must be worth AED 50 or more, can only be placed between 1 – 20 October. The lucky winners will be announced on Saturday, 22 October, 5pm, at Doner Deli’s restaurant in Al Barsha, where the raffle draw will take place.

    Commenting on Doner Deli’s participation in ‘Fiesta De Los Muertos’, Mustafa Alrefaie, co-founder and general manager of Doner Deli, said: 
    “Festivals and street food go together like peanut butter and jelly. And since we are big fans of the Halloween festivities, we are very excited to be part of such an amazing event and to welcome visitors at our food stand. Be prepared for excellent finger food, including our signature dish, the authentic German doner kebab. But before you save the date for the festival, don’t forget to enter our raffle. It’s a great chance to get your tickets for free. Good luck!”


    Doner Deli runs raffle for "Fiesta De Los Muertos Dubai" tickets

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  • "Delirize" your taste buds to the max

    Doner Deli creates new menu item for rice lovers across the UAE!

    Good news for all Doner Deli fans out there! Doner Deli, one of the UAE’s top providers of wholesome German Doner Kebab, has come up with a new delicious dish that will spoil your taste buds to the max: “Delirize” has been created especially for those who just love rice. And since we are here in the UAE, there are plenty of rice lovers from all over the globe.

    “Delirize” is made of juicy Doner Kebab meat (veal, chicken or both – of course, 100% halal) served with aromatic basmati rice and a yummy blend of fresh tomatoes, onions, garlic and the special Doner Deli herb mix. Complete the dish with your choice of a tasty herb yoghurt or spicy tomato sauce, and you’re all good to enjoy this new Doner Deli Delirize feast.


    Doner Kebab Delirize

    Commenting on the new menu item, Mustafa Alrefaie, co-founder and general manager of Doner Deli, said: “Alongside our famous signature dish, the German Doner Kebab, ‘Delirize’ adds another touch to our versatile menu, which we constantly adapt to satisfy the variety of tastes of our valuable customers. But that’s not nearly all. The launch of ‘Delirize’ is the beginning of a series of new dishes that will join our menu very shortly. So, stay tuned for more mouth-watering flavors to come along!”

    “Delirize” is now available at all Doner Deli branches in the UAE. Alternatively, please call for home delivery on 800MYDONER – 800 6936637. Guten Appetit!



    Doner Deli UAE’s top providers of wholesome German Doner Kebab, has come up with a new delicious dish that will spoil your taste buds to the max: Delirize”

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  • "Every Meal Counts" Doner Deli Initiative

    Doner Deli donates AED 5 of every sold Dine in meal to charity associations.

      Doner Deli, one of the UAE’s top providers of wholesome German Doner Kebab, is taking its corporate social responsibility very seriously and all set to demonstrate that it does not take much to help those in need. “Every Meal Counts” is the title of a Doner Deli initiative, which will take place on the “International Day of Charity”, on Monday, 5 September. On that day, AED 5 of every sold Dine in meal of Doner Kebab at any branch in Dubai or Fujairah, UAE  will be donated to a charitable organization.

    Doner Deli donates to charity

    “Every Meal Counts” is the first charity project that Doner Deli is initiating. According to Mustafa Alrefaie, co-founder and general manager of Doner Deli, the company is very much aware of the importance of corporate philanthropy and has made it a core objective now to support the less fortunate. The goal is to act as a role model, encourage others to do a good deed and raise awareness of local, national and global challenges to alleviate poverty, cure serious illnesses and improve the lives of people with special needs.


    Commenting on the initiative, Alrefaie, Doner Deli’s General Manager, said:

    “As a responsible corporate citizen, it is our duty to give back to society by leveraging our resources. As many organizations and individuals have demonstrated before us, it doesn’t take a lot to get involved in a good cause. Every step – or, in our case, every meal – counts. However, the more people help us to raise money, the better. Because together we can make an even bigger difference for a better tomorrow.”

    On the occasion of International Day of Charity, All Doner Deli branches in UAE will donate AED 5 of every sold Dine in meal to charity.

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  • Doner Deli introduces Dutch-inspired street food item

    Doner Deli, the UAE’s leading provider of wholesome German Doner Kebab, now added a new mouthwatering item to its menu. The “Deli-Salon” perfectly fits to the brand’s innovative food choices and is all set to become another successful signature dish right after the doner kebab. But what exactly is a “Deli-Salon”? It is based on the Dutch “Kapsalon” and consists of a layer of crispy fries, topped with juicy doner meat, and fresh vegetables. The dish is usually served with garlic mayo, spicy ketchup, and/or herb yoghurt.


    Deli Salon - Doner Deli Kapsalon

    “Kapsalon” is a Dutch word and means “hair salon”. The name refers to the fact that the recipe was invented by a hairdresser in Rotterdam, Holland, who combined all of his favorite ingredients into one dish. Very soon, the “Kapsalon” became a famous street food item and spread across Europe. With their passion for street food and their ongoing drive to create new recipes, the people behind Doner Deli now adapted the dish to the UAE market while naming it “Deli-Salon” – a reference to the brand.

    Commenting on the new food item, Mustafa Alrefaie, co-founder and general manager of Doner Deli, said: “I tasted ‘Kapsalon’ in Amsterdam and was immediately convinced that this delicious dish should be included in our menu. But, of course, I wanted to give it our special Doner Deli touch. That’s why I decided not to include the Dutch Gouda cheese but to add particular herbs and offer a selection of homemade dressings to choose from. We tested the ‘Deli-Salon’ at the Dubai Food Festival where it was incredibly successful. Alongside the ‘Deli-Salon’ we are about to introduce other new street food items for the very first time to the UAE market. So it’s definitely worth to stay tuned for our upcoming menu which will be launched soon.”



    Doner Deli introduces Deli-Salon, based on the Dutch “Kapsalon” which is one of the most well known German Doner Kebab dishes.

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  • Doner Deli opens first Doner Kebab restaurant in Fujairah

    Doner Deli, the UAE’s leading provider of wholesome German Doner Kebab, has confirmed once more its pioneering position in the local hospitality industry. As the first doner kebab restaurant brand, Doner Deli now opened a franchise in Fujairah, further expanding its service offerings across the UAE while introducing a new F&B segment to the eastern part of the country. After the company opened its very first restaurant in Dubai in 2014, the new outlet marks another milestone in Doner Deli’s young success story.

    The franchise is located on Fujairah’s busy Al Ghurfa street, opposite of the Al Madina supermarket, and adds a vital street food option to the emirate’s local food culture and growing hospitality sector. With its fast casual service approach and focus on all natural ingredients, including locally grown vegetables and 100% halal meat from artisan farms in Europe, Doner Deli answers an increasing demand of healthy yet quick take-away and dine-in opportunities. Within only one year, the brand has become a synonym for wholesome German street food, such as the famous doner kebab, which is based on a traditional German recipe.


    Commenting on the new franchise opening in Fujairah, Mustafa Alrefaie, co-founder and general manager of Doner Deli, said: “We are delighted to see that our franchise package is attracting F&B professionals from all over the emirates. It not only helps our brand grow but reaffirms our appealing franchise offerings and support structure, as well as our overall expansion strategy.”


    Doner Deli opens first Authentic 100% Halal German Doner Kebab restaurant in Fujairah. Call Doner Deli for Delivery: 800MYDONER - 8006936637.

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