You want to join our team and Franchise your own Doner Deli restaurant? Have a look at our franchise assessment criteria. They will give you a better understanding of what it takes to qualify for a Doner Deli franchisee.

Experience, Expertise and Skills

  • Proven track record of work in the hospitality industry, preferably in operating and managing a restaurant Business mindset Leadership skills
  • Business mindset
  • Leadership skills

Financial Qualifications

The prospective franchisee must demonstrate that he/she has sufficient financial resources to be able to cover all of the necessary costs, including building construction and/or refurbishment costs, as well as costs for branding materials, licenses, staff, training, equipment, and decor.

For more detailed information on the financial requirements, please fill in the contact form on our website, or write us an email to and request our Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD).

Personal and Financial Reputation

  • No criminal convictions
  • Immaculate business and credit history
  • Clean press and social media presence

Motivation and Commitment

  • Willingness to work in line with our Doner Deli quality and service requirements
  • Dedication and time commitment
  • Open to learn new tasks and take on new responsibilities
  • Hands on in the day to day operation of the business

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Why Franchise Doner Deli? Because it's one of the leading providers of authentic German Doner Kebab in the UAE. As a franchisee, you will not only team up with a nationally recognized brand but with a market share leader. Check the Doner Deli brand benefits:

Still have more question? Check out our comprehensive FAQs

  • A strong brand name and continuously growing consumer awareness across the UAE and beyond.
  • A comprehensive franchisee package comprising of a well established corporate identity, a set of premium branding materials, a high quality and ready-to-serve menu, as well as a proven operating system.
  • Access to a peer network of business professionals with extensive industry experience and a broad knowledge of the F&B sector who will support you whenever necessary.
  • Promotional activities to successfully position yourself in the marketplace, define your unique selling points, and drive customers to your restaurant.
  • On-going training to keep up the high level of quality and excellent service offerings within a fast casual hospitality environment.


Your Franchise application has been successful? Get this: you are only 5 steps away from joining Doner Deli franchise family and starting an exciting journey in an ever so rewarding industry. These are our 5 steps to get you started:

1.Location Scouting

We help you find the ideal spot to open your Doner Deli restaurant. As we have been part of the F&B industry for many years and know the local market quite well, we want to make sure that your restaurant finds the right place at the right time for your perfect Doner Deli restaurant. Once the ideal location is found, we support you in negotiating the leasing terms, getting you the best deal possible.

2. Building your Restaurant

If there is an opportunity, you can settle in a mall's dedicated food court. Alternatively, you can build your own restaurant. No matter what option you go with, our team will assist you through the entire construction and/or refurbishment process, making sure your outlet will have our very special Doner Deli flair. With us, you not only build a restaurant but also a promising future!

3. Finding your Dream Team

You already know your people and want to bring them along to help you operate your restaurant? Great! If not, don't worry! We have a comprehensive network of business partners, collaborators and friends to support you in finding your Doner Deli dream team, including management and service personnel. At Doner Deli, we believe in teamwork because together everyone achieves more.

4. Getting Doner Deli-rized

Your restaurant is about to open and your dream team has been chosen? Now it's time to help you getting the final Doner Deli touches done. These range from menu and signage design, to putting the right logistics infrastructure in place, to training all staff in line with our quality and service requirements. Getting Doner Deli-rized means getting an invaluable customer bonus due to our excellent brand reputation.

5. Growing Strong

At Doner Deli, we help you turn your restaurant into a successful undertaking. How? We provide you with the necessary marketing support, make you part of our regular promo campaigns and keep you posted on new F&B developments. And if you have a great idea to further improve our offerings, please share it with us. Your input is as important as ours. Let's grow together and become bigger, better, and stronger.


Initial Franchise Support

  • Access to our well-established business operations systems and comprehensive industry know-how, as well as to our state-of-the-art software solutions and in-depth business literature.
  • Assistance and support in the customization of software programmes, such as POS, accounting, reporting, and other programmes.
  • Store development support, including strategic planning, as well as the provision of building materials, designs and layouts.
  • Refurbishment support in line with our specifications concerning restaurant equipment, furniture, fixtures and fittings.
  • Initial training at one of the franchisor’s Doner Deli restaurants for up to three members of your staff.
  • Pre-launch training at your restaurant. This training will be provided by Doner Deli operations personnel.
  • Advice, guidance and marketing support regarding your restaurant launch event, including designs and artwork.
  • Post-launch support for one week. This will include the soft opening and launch event, as well as on the job training and store monitoring.

On-Going Franchise Support

  • Advice and guidance regarding store management and operations whenever needed.
  • Branding and marketing support, including widespread promotional campaigns, local store advertising, and social media activities.
  • Regular site visits to monitor daily business operations, including product and service offerings.
  • Business plan support and financial performance analysis.
  • Support in the further development of the franchise by conducting regular market research, as well as by introducing new products, services and/or advertising strategies on a regular basis to drive customers to the restaurant.
  • Support of new ideas and concepts, which, once approved for testing, will be first introduced at the franchisor's stores for further development and final implementation across all Doner Deli


What are the financial requirements to open a Doner Deli Franchise in the UAE?

The initial cost to open a Doner Deli franchise is USD 25,000 (franchise fee). Other financial commitments include building construction and/or refurbishment costs, as well as costs for branding materials, licences, staff, training, equipment, and décor.

For more detailed information on the financial requirements required for Doner Deli Franchise, please fill in the contact form on our website, or write us an email to and request our Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD).

What are the different franchise types and fees? For what time period is the franchise agreement valid?

Within the UAE, we have single and multiple unit franchises. For restaurants, which are being operated in other countries (predominantly in the MENA region and South East Asia), we have a so-called master franchise agreement.

The franchise fee for outlets in the UAE is USD 25,000 per unit, while the master franchise fee varies from destination to destination and needs to be calculated on an individual basis. In any case, our franchise agreements are valid for ten years and can be renewed for an equal time period.

How much is the royalty fee?

Our royalty fee is 5% of monthly gross sales.

Does Doner Deli provide marketing support and how much do I need to invest in marketing?

Ongoing Marketing Contribution: In return of the On-Going marketing support including social media, customization of marketing material and promotional campaigns, the Prospective Franchisee agrees to pay to the Franchisor 1% of Total Turnover of all company-owned stores.
Local Store Marketing: Franchisee should spend a minimum of 1% of Total Turnover of all stores on local-store marketing and promotion activities.

How long will it take to get approved as a Doner Deli franchisee?

We usually run a series of background checks and interviews, which will take around four weeks. If everything is okay, we will look into the site registration. Here, the time frame depends on when a preferred location is found and when you submit the required documents for final approval. Generally, the approval process takes between one to two months.

How much time will I have to refurbish an existing outlet or build my restaurant?

Once the location has been approved from our end and all of the necessary documents have been submitted, you have two months to begin with the refurbishment and/or construction and six months to open for business.

Where do I get my ingredients and food items from?

As a Doner Deli franchisee, you will be part of our comprehensive supply network. We will provide you with all of the key ingredients on a regular basis to guarantee a consistent high level of quality across all Doner Deli restaurants and outlets.

What kind of training and support does Doner Deli offer?

Every franchisee gets comprehensive orientation and training that covers all areas of the business. Our many years of industry experience and broad knowledge of the F&B sector will equip you with all of the required information and necessary tools to run your own restaurant.

We offer you training tailored to your needs and have created two types of support initiatives. At the beginning of your journey with us we offer you our Initial Franchise Support, while throughout your career as a Doner Deli franchisee we offer you our On-Going Franchise Support.